Bob Marley Short Biography and Album List

Robert Nesta Marley, one the pioneers of reggae who was better known for his stage name as Bob Marley, was a Jamaican singer.

He had an amazing music career during his time, having one of his albums (Uprising) at the first position of the New Zealand's chart for best album of the year.

Before the death of Bob Marley, he was able to release thirteen studio albums, six live albums and one hundred and thirty three singles. He was considered a global symbol of Jamaican culture, music and identity. He became known as a Rastafari icon over the curse of his career.


Bob Marley was born in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, at the farm of his maternal grandfather on 6 February 1945. His parents, Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Booker. He attended Stepney Primary and Junior High School.

Norval Sinclair Marley, Bob Marley's father, died of heart attack in 1955, at the age of 70. Cedella Booker, Bob Marley's mother, remarried to Edward Booker who was a civil servant from the United States. Soon, Cedella Booker gave birth to Richard and Anthony, Bob Marley's step brothers.

In 1966, Bob Marley got married to Rita Anderson. They both had 9 children. Their names are:
  1. Cedella,
  2. David "Ziggy"
  3. Stephen,
  4. Rohan,
  5. Karen,
  6. Julian,
  7. Ky-Mani,
  8. Damian.


In July1977, Bob Marley was diagnosed with acral lentiginous melanoma, a skin cancer that affected the skin under the nail of his toe. The doctor advised that he have the toe amputated but he refused with reasons that it goes against his religious beliefs. Nevertheless, he continued with his amazing career and was even scheduling a world tour in 1980.

He suffered from Melanoma for four year before it took his life. He dies on 11 May 1981 at the age of 36. People around the world expressed their grief after the announcement of his passing.

In 1984, three years after the death of Bob Marley, his album "Legend" was released. It became the bestselling reggae album of all time. And with an estimated sales of more than 75m records worldwide, he was ranked as the bestselling music artist of all time.


Bob Marley's was a singer and a songwriter. His career as a singer started in February 1962 after recording four songs at Federal Studios for Leslie Kong, a local music producer.

In 1966, Bob Marley associated himself with Junior Braithwaite, Bunny Wailer, Cherry Smith, Peter Tosh and Beverley Kelso. They formed a group called the Wailing Wailers. They were soon discovered by Coxsone Dodd, a record producer. In February 1964, their single "Simmer Down" became Jamaican's No. 1 under Coxsone label. The Wailing Wailer changed their name to the Wailers.

Here are all the labels Bob Marley signed under throughout his career.
  • Beverley's,
  • Studio One,
  • JAD ,
  • Wail'n Soul'm,
  • Upsetter,
  • Tuff Gong,
  • Island.


Studio Albums

  1. The Wailing Wailers (1965) -Label: Studio One
  2. Soul Rebels (December 1970) - Labels: Upsetter/Trojan
  3. Soul Revolution (1971) - Labels: Upsetter/Trojan
  4. The Best of The Wailers (August 1971) - Label: Beverley's
  5. Catch a Fire (13 April 1973) - Labels:Island/Tuff Gong
  6. Burnin' (19 October 1973) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  7. Natty Dread (25 October 1974) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  8. Rastaman Vibration (30 April 1976) -Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  9. Exodus (3 June 1977) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  10. Kaya (23 March 1978) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  11. Survival (2 October 1979) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  12. Uprising (10 June 1980) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  13. Confrontation (23 May 1983) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong

Live Albums

  1. Live! (5 December 1975) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  2. Babylon by Bus (10 November 1978) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  3. Talkin' Blues (4 February 1991) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  4. Live at the Roxy (24 June 2003) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  5. Live Forever September 23, 1980 • Stanley Theatre • Pittsburgh, PA (2011) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong
  6. Easy Skanking in Boston '78 (2015) - Labels: Island/Tuff Gong

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